Fatigue and SCC

Stress corrosion cracking tests

– Static : 3 or 4 points bending device, Constant load tensile tests, C-ring device tests and other loading methods such as U-bends
– Dynamic : slow-strain-rate tensile tests

ASTM G30, G36, G38, G39, G40 standards

Corrosion fatigue tests

– Cantilever
– Rotary bending
– 4PB fatigue test
All tests can be performed under H2S pressure.

Further information with Flavien Vucko & Christophe Mendibide

Corrosion fatigue tests in seawater

Hydraulic assist power machines with capacity of +/- 25kN, tensile-compression equipped with a 4 points bending device with a capacity of 10kN. Titanium chambers for chloride-containing media, temperature from 15°C to 80°C, dissolved oxygen control from low to saturated values, possibility to polarize specimens.

Corrosion fatigue tests in corrosive atmosphere

A unique tool enabling fatigue cycles in an accelerated corrosion test!
Performances : 0-15 kN ; 0-5 Hz, with or without cycle

Hydrogen embrittlement tests for the automotive industry

Mechanical testing at constant load, incremental step load or on pre-stressed specimens in corrosive environments (atmospheric or immersion) or under hydrogen charging to assess the sensitivity to hydrogen embrittlement of very high strength steels. Possibility of measuring hydrogen concentrations and determining its activity.

VDA standards: 238-201, 238-202, 238-203

Further information with Flavien Vucko