Natural outdoor exposure sites

Several atmospheric exposure sites

– in Europe : tempered marine atmosphere that follows the ISO 8565 and EN 13521-19 (ECCA T19) standards with various exposure angles à angles variables (45° south, 5° south, 90° north). C5M corrosivity on steel
– in Asia (Chine, Singapore) : tropical and marine atmosphere, industrial and marine atmosphere, acid rain…
– in the United Arab Emirates (Dubai) : UV atmosphere, sand abrasion

Our sites are determined following the ISO 9223, ISO 9225 et ISO 9226 standards.

The atmosphere determination following the ISO 9226 standard is a service we offer to our customers.

Further informations with Nathalie Le Bozec.

A natural soil
exposure site

An exposure site in an acidic sandy-clayed soil is also available in order to test buried materials and coatings.


Further informations with Erwan Diler.