Atmospheric corrosion loggers

Real-time monitoring of indoor and outdoor corrosivity and air quality 

AirCorr measures and registers the change over time in the electrical resistance (R) of a thin metal track applied on an insulating substrate. If the metal corrodes, the cross-sectional area of the track decreases and the ER increases. The changes in R can be directly translated into corrosion depth and corrosion rate.

aircorr 1

AirCorr I

Indoor version with an exchangeable sensor

AirCorr I Plus

Indoor version with temperature and RH sensors, 2 exchangeable corrosion sensors, LCD showing current corrosivity

aircorr 0

AirCorr O

Watertight outdoor version

Further informations with Johan Becker & Erwan Diler

AirCorr development was supported by the European Commission under the 7th Framework Programme, contract No. 226539,