In H2S environment

Standard cracking tests in H2S containing environment can be performed (for example according to NACE TM0177, NACE TM0284, NACE TM0316, NACE TM0198…) under high pressure of CO2 and/or H2S and at elevated temperature. Our test capabilities allow also to perform the following experiments:

  • Cracking tests under constant load or deformation with a loading capacity up to 25T
  • Slow Strain Rate Tensile tests with loading capacity up to 10 T.
  • High pressure and High temperature tests in autoclaves
  • Corrosion fatigue tests under pressure
  • Tests in explosive environments
  • Hydrogen permeation test under pressure through metallic or polymer membranes (Devanathan and Stachurski cell)
  • Electrochemical test under pressure (polarization tests, critical pitting temperature, potential monitoring…)

All our test benches (SSRT, Proof rings, Dead-weight, Fatigue) can be set-up with autoclaves for HP-testing.

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