Cathodic protection for seawater application sector

French corrosion Institute proposes training sessions in cathodic protection (seawater field) to prepare the certifications “Cathodic protection – seawater section”, levels 1, 2 and 3 defined by the standard EN ISO 15257:2017. During this training, theoretical courses and practical work are proposed to understand and practice cathodic protection of immersed structures.

 The inscription for the exam have to do with the CFPC, on the website of Cefracor.

Further informations with Sabrina Coudrais (secretary) Nicolas Larché (responsible) 

Due to current health crisis, the French Corrosion Institute reserves the right to cancel training.


This training is certified by the Pôle Mer


Customized training

Customized training are also proposed, in collaboration with industries. For examples:

  • Corrosion of aeronautical materials
  • Corrosion of automotive corrosion
  • Stainless steel corrosion in aqueous media
  • Corrosion marine

Further informations with Nicolas Larché.