European research projects

The Institut de la Corrosion is an active partner in the European HORIZON and RFCS programs:

HISTORY (2024-2027): [Coordinator]Mn austenitic stainless and non-stainless steels for hydrogen applications:production, transport and storage. Read more

Duralink (2024-2027): Increasing the service life of welded steel structures and chains for the marine renewable energy sector. Read more

H2FORM3G (2024-2027): Effects of hydrogen on the shaping of 3rd generation steels for future vehicles. Read more

SEACHEM (2022-2026): Training a new generation of researchers in the cultivation of algae in offshore environments to produce high value-added chemicals. Read more

HELIX (2022-2025): New steels more resistant to hydrogen embrittlement for offshore wind turbine bolting applications. Read more

AtHyCor (2021-2024)[Coordinator] Modeling hydrogen activity during atmospheric corrosion on hot-formed high-strength steels for structural lightening. Read more

SensMat (2019-2022): Preventive solutions for sensitive cultural heritage materials. Read more

DUPLEXWASTE (2017-2020)[Coordinator] Lean Duplex stainless steel for urban and industrial wastewater applications. Read more

AutoFatCor (2011-2014)[Coordinator] Combined fatigue-corrosion resistance of material assemblies used for body-in-white and car structures. Read more

DuplexTank (2009-2012): [Coordinator] Duplex stainless steel in storage tanks. Read more

AUTOCOAT (2009-2012): [Coordinator] Advanced zinc-based hot dip coatings for the automotive application. En savoir plus

MUSECORR (2009 -2012): [Coordinator] Preserving our history through air quality monitoring. En savoir plus