French Corrosion Institute

In brief :

– 38 employees
– A turnover of 5.4 million Euro
– Headquarters in Brest
– Second site in Saint Etienne
– Mother company : Swerea Kimab(Stockholm, Sweden)

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Activities :

– Research & Development
– Consultancies & advice
– Corrosion tests
– Tests in natural environments
– Training center

Your partner against corrosion problems

  • Corrosion Institute has a Research Tax Credit Approval from the Ministry of Higher Education and Research. As such, the R&D conducted with our Company are eligible for CIR.
  • Institute of Corrosion is declared Body Vocational Training from the Brittany region and therefore has a No Activity Statement.


The French Corrosion Institute has 35 employees on its two sites in France : Brest (French Brittany, headquarters) and Saint- Etienne (South-East France). The second site is the former Correx laboratory which integrated the French Corrosion Institute in July 2009.

The Corrosion Institute is a subsidiary of the Swedish research institute Swerea kimab in Stockholm. The French Corrosion Institute settled in Brest in March 2002.


European leader in the field of corrosion

With a team of more than 80 engineers and technicians, we are among the largest laboratories in the field of corrosion and corrosion protection of materials in the world. Involved in numerous standardisation commissions, we are recognised as one of the leading corrosion centre by the industry and the scientific community.

A rapid and effective service

From our three European centres, we can quickly provide solutions to various corrosion problems (including damage analyses, testing and laboratory investigations).

Multi-material competency

Our competency in investigations, diagnostics and studies is available for all metallic materials (steel, aluminium, zinc, copper, titanium and various alloys), paints, polymers and composites.

A unique industrial network in Europe

More than 180 industrial companies in the world are members of our Institute. With around 150 R&D projects and 1000 consultancies every year, the Corrosion Institute is involved in most industrial sectors concerned by corrosion : the transportation industry (marine, land, air), building and infrastructures, military and naval construction, oil & gas industries , nuclear and chemical industries, food industry, electronics… etc



Environmental Policy

The management system of the Saint-Etienne site is operational with a ISO 14001 certification since January 2011.


Quality system

The French Corrosion Institute is certified ISO 9001 on its site of Saint-Etienne since 2001.  Quality system
 The French Corrosion Institute is certified ISO 9001 on its site of Brest since May, 14th 2013 for the following perimeter: Tests, expertises/advices, research and development advice in the field of corrosion and the protection against corrosion (excluding, since 2017, sales activities of sensors and training).


Otherwise, the Institute is accredited by the automotive industry for accelerated corrosion tests for instance Renault ECC1 D17 2028.

We have engineers and technicians services with specialised skills like:

AFNOR compétence Protection Cathodique – 1 certified enginee at level 2
  – 2 certified engineers at level 3


We are concerned by the staff working conditions and we guarantee the highest level of security and comfort in laboratories like in offices.

Saint Etienne site is certified OHSAS 180001 since May, 2013.